Nov 05 2015

An Evening in the Renaissance

When she unpacked each piece, the room filled with “Ooooos” and “Ahhhhs”

The details are incredible. Each stitched so carefully and no corners cut (see what I did there). The dresses have a character of their own and as she laced each bodice, she did so with a rhythm.

How does a full-time graduate student have time to hand make Renaissance dresses from the initial idea to the last stitch?

All because of a passion.

Amanda grew up around sewing and developed a love for creating costumes. When she was younger, her mother often made their Halloween costumes and shared in her passion of sewing with Amanda. With a theatrical background, she experienced a life of costumes and a presence on stage.

Soon, Bodice Babe was born.

It’s incredible how determined the human soul can be. When you have a passion (or two or three), in the pit of all that you are, you have a fire that burns to create wonderful things. And nothing will stop you, not even time.

Amanda has such a wonderful talent, what a joy it is to help her share it with the world.

Dying over the pieces you see? Head on over to her Etsy shop for more!

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