May 26 2017

Josselin : One Year

Bows, tutus, pink unicorns and a happy smile: sweet Josselin turned one year old recently so a little photo session had to be done!


JosselinSpring17-034 JosselinSpring17-035 JosselinSpring17-036 JosselinSpring17-037 JosselinSpring17-038 JosselinSpring17-040 JosselinSpring17-042 JosselinSpring17-043 JosselinSpring17-044 JosselinSpring17-046 JosselinSpring17-047 JosselinSpring17-048 JosselinSpring17-049 JosselinSpring17-050

May 22 2017

Greg + Emma’s Charming Barn Wedding

Storm clouds had threatened days and hours before Greg + Emma’s barn wedding in Charlottesville. It was one of those days that spring showers could roll in any minute or just roll by.

I’m thankful the rain just rolled by that day as the mountains and sky looked extra blue. It was just the right amount of sun and breeze for a charming outdoor wedding.

A few favorite moments from Greg + Emma’s wedding day:

  • For Greg and Emma’s first look, they had their dog, Scout, join them. As Emma walked up the hill to Greg, Scout couldn’t contain herself to see Emma too.
  • Emma’s cousins can SING! And that they did. A special performance was had at the reception as they sang “A Thousand Years” for Greg + Emma.
  • Emma is from Kansas City and Greg is from Virginia so what is the perfect food for their wedding? BBQ! I love how they incorporated their “homes” into the food.
  • Speaking of food, a special surprise pulled up at the reception: an ice cream truck!

Congrats Greg + Emma — best wishes to you two!!


Wedding Photography Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-003 GregEmmaWedding-004

GregEmmaWedding-082 GregEmmaWedding-083

GregEmmaWedding-005 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-007 GregEmmaWedding-008 GregEmmaWedding-009 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-012 GregEmmaWedding-013 GregEmmaWedding-014 GregEmmaWedding-015

Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-025 GregEmmaWedding-026 GregEmmaWedding-027 GregEmmaWedding-028

GregEmmaWedding-030 GregEmmaWedding-029
Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-032 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-035 GregEmmaWedding-036 GregEmmaWedding-038 GregEmmaWedding-039 GregEmmaWedding-040 GregEmmaWedding-041 GregEmmaWedding-042 GregEmmaWedding-043 GregEmmaWedding-044 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-047 GregEmmaWedding-049 GregEmmaWedding-050 GregEmmaWedding-052 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-054 GregEmmaWedding-055 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-057 GregEmmaWedding-058 GregEmmaWedding-059 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-062 GregEmmaWedding-063 GregEmmaWedding-064 GregEmmaWedding-065 GregEmmaWedding-066 GregEmmaWedding-068Wedding PhotographyGregEmmaWedding-072 Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-077 GregEmmaWedding-078 GregEmmaWedding-079 GregEmmaWedding-081GregEmmaWedding-084 GregEmmaWedding-087 Wedding Photography Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-090 GregEmmaWedding-091 GregEmmaWedding-092 GregEmmaWedding-093 GregEmmaWedding-094 GregEmmaWedding-095 GregEmmaWedding-096 GregEmmaWedding-097 GregEmmaWedding-098 GregEmmaWedding-099 GregEmmaWedding-100 GregEmmaWedding-101 GregEmmaWedding-103 GregEmmaWedding-104 Wedding Photography Wedding Photography GregEmmaWedding-110 GregEmmaWedding-111 GregEmmaWedding-113 GregEmmaWedding-114 GregEmmaWedding-115 GregEmmaWedding-116 GregEmmaWedding-117 GregEmmaWedding-118 GregEmmaWedding-119 GregEmmaWedding-120 GregEmmaWedding-121 GregEmmaWedding-122 GregEmmaWedding-123 GregEmmaWedding-125

Ceremony / Reception: Panorama Farms : Charlottesville, VA
Coordinator: Allison Meyer
Florist: Floral Images
Hair + Make-up: Judy Hayward
Dress: Ladies of Lineage
Shoes: Nina
Caterer: BBQ Exchange
DJ: Big Bad Ben
Pies: Family Ties and Pies

Special thanks to Jason from Simple Times Photography for photographing with me!


May 19 2017

The Evans Family

Please excuse me while I melt over a little boy in a bowtie, suspenders and the cutest hat.

I met Jeremy and Jenna a few years ago when I did their engagement session. It was only right we visited the same park again to do their family photo session!



JeremyJennaSpring17-007 JeremyJennaSpring17-008 JeremyJennaSpring17-010 JeremyJennaSpring17-012 JeremyJennaSpring17-013 JeremyJennaSpring17-014 JeremyJennaSpring17-016 JeremyJennaSpring17-020 JeremyJennaSpring17-021JeremyJennaSpring17-023JeremyJennaSpring17-024

May 08 2017

A Cityscape Proposal : Aaron + Alex

“I’ve been planning this for years.”
– Aaron

It was weeks prior Aaron called me about a surprise he had planned for his girlfriend, Alex. On a rainy May day, it would stop raining just long enough for a sweet proposal on Fahrenheit’s balcony overlooking uptown Charlotte.

By complete surprise, a dozen roses were delivered to Alex on the balcony with a card from Alex. After she finished reading the card, there he was, on one knee with a question of forever holding the loveliest ring.

A yes and a night full of smiles with friends started these two off on a new chapter.


Charlotte Wedding PhotographerCharlotte Wedding Photographer AlexAaron-004 AlexAaron-005 Charlotte Wedding Photographer Charlotte Wedding Photographer Charlotte Wedding Photographer Charlotte Wedding Photographer Charlotte Wedding Photographer AlexAaron-011 AlexAaron-012 Charlotte Wedding Photographer AlexAaron-014 Charlotte Wedding Photographer AlexAaron-016 AlexAaron-017

May 04 2017

Jordan + Molly’s Vintage Ballroom Wedding

Lace, baby’s breath, toasts and simply vintage + elegant: This is Jordan + Molly’s wedding day.

First meeting through a mutual friend in college, this two have spent the past few years growing together and winding through life’s journey together. It wasn’t uncommon to hear several people say on their wedding day “it’s about time.”

And it was about time, the right time for Jordan + Molly to start a new chapter together, married.

Ceremony / Reception: Corinthian Ballroom
Wedding Planner + Florist: Caroline LaRocca Design
Hair: Rachel Vassar
Makeup: Jessica Hall with LASH
Dress: Roane Gown by Anna Sui from BHLDN
Shoes: Farylrobin
Catering: Chanticleer Catering
Cake: Wildflour Bakery
DJ: RSP Entertainment

Special thanks to Jason with Simple Times Photography for shooting with me!

JordanMollyWedding-007 JordanMollyWedding-002 JordanMollyWedding-005 JordanMollyWedding-006 JordanMollyWedding-009 JordanMollyWedding-010 JordanMollyWedding-011 JordanMollyWedding-013 JordanMollyWedding-015 JordanMollyWedding-016 JordanMollyWedding-017 JordanMollyWedding-018 JordanMollyWedding-019 JordanMollyWedding-020 JordanMollyWedding-022 JordanMollyWedding-023 JordanMollyWedding-024 JordanMollyWedding-025 JordanMollyWedding-026 JordanMollyWedding-027 JordanMollyWedding-030 JordanMollyWedding-031 JordanMollyWedding-028 JordanMollyWedding-029 JordanMollyWedding-032 JordanMollyWedding-033 JordanMollyWedding-034 JordanMollyWedding-036 JordanMollyWedding-037 JordanMollyWedding-039 JordanMollyWedding-042 JordanMollyWedding-043 JordanMollyWedding-044 JordanMollyWedding-045 JordanMollyWedding-052 JordanMollyWedding-053 JordanMollyWedding-054 JordanMollyWedding-056 JordanMollyWedding-060 JordanMollyWedding-061 JordanMollyWedding-062 JordanMollyWedding-063 JordanMollyWedding-064 JordanMollyWedding-065 JordanMollyWedding-067 JordanMollyWedding-068 JordanMollyWedding-070 JordanMollyWedding-046 JordanMollyWedding-047 JordanMollyWedding-048 JordanMollyWedding-049 JordanMollyWedding-050 JordanMollyWedding-051 JordanMollyWedding-055 JordanMollyWedding-071 JordanMollyWedding-072 JordanMollyWedding-073 JordanMollyWedding-074 JordanMollyWedding-075 JordanMollyWedding-076 JordanMollyWedding-077 JordanMollyWedding-078 JordanMollyWedding-079 JordanMollyWedding-080 JordanMollyWedding-081 JordanMollyWedding-082 JordanMollyWedding-083 JordanMollyWedding-084 JordanMollyWedding-085 JordanMollyWedding-086 JordanMollyWedding-087 JordanMollyWedding-088 JordanMollyWedding-089 JordanMollyWedding-090 JordanMollyWedding-091 JordanMollyWedding-092 JordanMollyWedding-093 JordanMollyWedding-094 JordanMollyWedding-095 JordanMollyWedding-096 JordanMollyWedding-097 JordanMollyWedding-098 JordanMollyWedding-099 JordanMollyWedding-100 JordanMollyWedding-101 JordanMollyWedding-102 JordanMollyWedding-103 JordanMollyWedding-104 JordanMollyWedding-105


Apr 10 2017

Wedding Outtakes : Siblings

One of the best parts of photographing a wedding is getting to know the family and close friends that form the tightest support circle for the bride and groom.

These are often the ones that can’t stop smiling (or help letting a few tears flow) during the ceremony, the ones that have the unforgettable toasts and often, very often, the best dancers at the reception.

More times than not, these people come in the form of a brother or sister.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding “outtakes” of siblings being, well, siblings!







Wedding Photography


Wedding Photographer

Charlotte Photographer


Wedding PHotography


Wedding Photography