Nov 01 2017

Zach + Hannah : Fall Wedding

When Hannah first emailed me about her and Zach’s wedding, she mentioned Lord of the Rings and I may have whispered a “yessss” under my breath (with a fist pump).

Zach + Hannah married at Virginia Mountain Vineyard on a warm, fall October day. Out in the open vineyard, the outline of the Blue Ridge Mountains could be spotted in the distance. The perfect backdrop for these two to exchange the vows they wrote for each other.

Right after they were announced as Mr. & Mrs. and they walked down the aisle, tucked beside one of the grapevines, they talked and smiled. Just the two of them. A few quiet moments to just breathe.

A few awesome things that happened at the reception:

  • A round of D&D was played. I fully believe Hannah was owning the game.
  • Freshly-made brick oven pizza and cupcakes were the main food source and it was glorious.
  • Zach and Hannah cut their cake with a warrior sword and everyone survived.

It was a joy to be part of your wedding day, Zach and Hannah!

A special thanks to my dear friend Angela Alderman for photographing with me!

Oct 29 2017

Gray Turns One!

Turning one means having cake (all of yourself) two days in a row, getting cake all over mom and dad (but more on yourself) and taking a nap (if only you feel like it).

Check out Gray enjoying his birthday cake!

Oct 26 2017

Fralin Family : Fall Portraits

The Fralin family 💛

I’ve been photographing this sweet family for years and always look forward to their sessions. And dear Oliver melts my heart. He’s just too cute.

Oct 24 2017

Dan + Kelly : Engagement Portraits

Dan + Kelly are getting married in a just a few days at the beach! We were able to explore a river among the Blue Ridge Mountains just as the fall leaves started making an appearance for their engagement session.

Also, their new puppy, Lulu, is a heart stealer!!

Oct 23 2017

These Fleeting Moments

I took the morning slow. The rain on the window made for a nice background to stay in bed a little longer. When possible, I try to take my birthday “off” from work for the most part. A lot of couch time, movie watching and puppy snores.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, each year in my 30s beat out my 20s by far. This last year brought more new chapters than I ever imagined.

I made the decision in early 2017 to purchase my first house. It was an adventure to say the least and took months, a lot of competitive offers and frustrations to finally find my home. It worked out exactly the way it should as I found my home nestled between some of the best neighbors a girl could ever ask for. I’ve found bravery in defeating many of (large) spiders and bugs late at night and tackling house project after project. It’s so far been a very rewarding and humbling experience. I’ve never been more okay to ask for help and admit I have no idea what I’m doing than now.

I celebrated ONE YEAR with my furry baby. He’s taught me so much about being compassionate and patient. Reminding myself constantly that everyone is fighting a battle…or many…ones that we may never know about and being kind in a moment where you really don’t want to can make a much bigger impact.

I’m working on finding joy in those not-so-awesome times. Things that easily frustrate me, I try to look at from a different perspective.

Getting rest when I need it and spending money more on experiencing life than purchasing “things.” (Finding Neverland the Broadway show was sooooo good)

Work travel took me to several new locations including my first trip to Canada! A few evenings off to explore Montreal and fill my phone with photos. I really want to visit other parts of Canada, I’ve always been fascinated with Prince Edward Island from Avonlea.

These years always seem to go by so fast. I’m trying to pack as much life as I can in these short chapters (and like I mentioned before, trying to find the joy in the smallest and not so greatest of moments). Here’s to a new year of life!

Oct 18 2017

Charlotte’s Chinese Lantern Festival

Before the craziness of fall photography season started, we headed to the Chinese Lantern Festival at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, just outside of Charlotte, one Friday evening.

We arrived right before sunset and took a lap around the gardens to see the display before it got dark. Another lap was had after it was dark to see everything glowing. A light show in it’s own personality, it did get me ready for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rush through fall. I will keep fall a little longer.

My favorite spots were the jelly fish, tulips and alligators. Two of which had a lot of pink. Hmm. Imagine that. 🙂

The show is around for two more weekends…then it’s Christmas time, right?!! 😀