Ayden : Roanoke VA Children’s Photographer


I met Ayden and his parents at the Hotel Roanoke to take his Christmas portraits. The Hotel Roanoke is really decorated beautifully at Christmas time and in case you haven’t gone to see all the trees on display, you should take a few minutes to do so. Ayden enjoyed walking around and looking at all the trees, so much so that we saw many trees more then once! But something you must know about Ayden is that he is quite the dresser. Yep, this little man picks out his own clothes and did so for his pictures. I must say, he’s got a pretty good eye and I’m anxious to see which path he takes later on in life!

Anybody see Ayden??

What a nice surprise! It was snowing the time of our session. Of course, Ayden enjoyed it as well.

Trying to catch snowflakes!

I love how he tucks his hands away in his little pockets : )

Getting Ayden to pet the fake kitty actually took a little bit of persuading, he wasn’t too sure about it at first.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
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