Aug 06 2017

Finding Ivan

This weekend marked one year that my big furry guy, Ivan, took a place in my heart and family.

Ivan One Year-001

It was a little over a year ago I decided to do something about a big piece that was missing from my heart and life, a dog. I adopted Ivan from the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, forever making him a Lilly.

Ivan One Year-003

I’m not really sure of the life Ivan had before his foster family, which found him only nine months before I adopted him. If I had to guess, it wasn’t a good one. Around his neck, he carries a scar where fur will no longer grow. I suspect in his previous life he was tied up with a rope. He has a small rip on the tip of his ear and another scar right above one his eyes.

The first several months after adopting Ivan were a mix of excitement with feeling unable to provide him with what he needed. If I’m being honest, at times it was really rough. Ivan suffers from separation anxiety, severe at times in those first few months of being together. I learned quickly how he didn’t like to be left alone and if he was going to have a happy life, I needed help.

Ivan One Year-004

Weeks of training, trying different tactics and pulling every piece of patience I could muster, we finally found a “routine” that works for the big guy.

I think I tried it ALL: Crate, thunder jacket, kong toy, calming treats, D.A.P. plugins, desensitizing, leaving clothes with my “smell” — any and everything.

Even though at times his anxiety can make an appearance, a combination of treats, D.A.P., classical music and the biggest thing, moving out of an apartment, made him the happiest. 

Ivan One Year-007He loves it when I sing him songs. His favorite hobby is sleeping…snoring very loudly. When he feels his best, he rolls on his back and plays with his football toy.

Now I can’t picture my life without this big 90-some lb guy in it.

Look how handsome he is with his new bowtie!

Ivan One Year-010 Ivan One Year-011

Jul 23 2017

Jonathan + Melissa : Charlotte Engagement Session

Can’t wait for these two to get married next year in my hometown! Below are a few of my favorites from Jonathan + Melissa’s engagement session around Charlotte:

JonathanMelissa-001 JonathanMelissa-002 JonathanMelissa-003 JonathanMelissa-005 JonathanMelissa-007 JonathanMelissa-009 JonathanMelissa-010 JonathanMelissa-011 JonathanMelissa-012 JonathanMelissa-013 JonathanMelissa-014 JonathanMelissa-015 JonathanMelissa-016 JonathanMelissa-017 JonathanMelissa-018 JonathanMelissa-020 JonathanMelissa-021 JonathanMelissa-024

Jul 20 2017

The New Adventures of Dylan & Carson

A little over a month ago, Dylan became an official older brother to Carson! I have a feeling these two will have many fun adventures ahead together. As for now, hanging out with mom on the couch, snacking and napping will do!

Welcome to the world, little Carson. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in this world.

AkersFamilySummer-001 AkersFamilySummer-002 AkersFamilySummer-004 AkersFamilySummer-005 AkersFamilySummer-006 AkersFamilySummer-007 AkersFamilySummer-008 AkersFamilySummer-009 AkersFamilySummer-010 AkersFamilySummer-012 AkersFamilySummer-013 AkersFamilySummer-014 AkersFamilySummer-015A

Jul 04 2017

Porterfield Family

This sweet little family is about to become a family of 5 with a tribe of little girls! Can’t wait for their addition to make her appearance 😀

PorterfieldFamily-002 PorterfieldFamily-003 PorterfieldFamily-005 PorterfieldFamily-006 PorterfieldFamily-007 PorterfieldFamily-008 PorterfieldFamily-009 PorterfieldFamily-011 PorterfieldFamily-012 PorterfieldFamily-013 PorterfieldFamily-014 PorterfieldFamily-015 PorterfieldFamily-016 PorterfieldFamily-017

Jun 25 2017

Taylor : High School Senior Portraits

Taylor : 2018 High School Senior

This senior session is near to my heart as I remember when Taylor was BORN! Her aunt is one of my best friends and I’ve photographed Taylor’s family over the years.

A very talented soccer player, Taylor is weighing her options on colleges. Whichever path she chooses, this lady is going to do amazing things.

Taylor-003 Taylor-005 Taylor-002


Taylor-040 Taylor-006 Taylor-007 Taylor-008 Taylor-009 Taylor-011 Taylor-013 Taylor-014 Taylor-016 Taylor-017 Taylor-018 Taylor-020 Taylor-022 Taylor-024 Taylor-025 Taylor-026 Taylor-027 Taylor-029 Taylor-041 Taylor-032 Taylor-033 Taylor-034 Taylor-035 Taylor-036 Taylor-037 Taylor-038 Taylor-042 Taylor-039

Jun 21 2017

Chris + Nicole : Pink + Gold Country Wedding

On a late spring afternoon in June, Chris + Nicole exchanged vows surrounded by friends + family under the bluest of skies in an open green field. Here’s the story of their wedding day:

  • Nicole chose a lovely ball gown for her wedding dress and it was glorious. Flow-y and flattering. Yes!
  • One of Chris’ best men was his dad. He stood beside Chris at the front of the aisle and they had almost the exact same expressions while Nicole walked down the aisle. It was the sweetest.
  • A special friend made an appearance at the ceremony: the friendly neighborhood lama! She only watched from a distance as a good surprise guest should do.
  • Nicole customized her bouquet with a photo of her grandfather. Keeping his picture close and a special way to share that moment.

Ceremony / Reception: Wisteria Ridge
Florist: Gloriosa
Hair & Make-up: Rock Paper Beauty Lounge
Cake: Wildflour
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle
DJ: RSP / Kellen Williams
Videographer: Mark Yeattes

Special thanks to Marissa with Bella Muse for photographing with me!

Chris Nicole Wedding-011 Chris Nicole Wedding-009 Chris Nicole Wedding-010

Chris Nicole Wedding-100 Chris Nicole Wedding-101

Chris Nicole Wedding-012 Chris Nicole Wedding-013 Chris Nicole Wedding-014 Chris Nicole Wedding-015 Chris Nicole Wedding-017 Chris Nicole Wedding-018 Chris Nicole Wedding-020 Chris Nicole Wedding-019 Chris Nicole Wedding-021 Chris Nicole Wedding-022 Chris Nicole Wedding-024 Chris Nicole Wedding-026 Chris Nicole Wedding-027 Chris Nicole Wedding-028 Chris Nicole Wedding-029 Chris Nicole Wedding-030 Chris Nicole Wedding-031 Chris Nicole Wedding-033 Chris Nicole Wedding-034 Chris Nicole Wedding-035 Chris Nicole Wedding-038 Chris Nicole Wedding-039 Chris Nicole Wedding-040

Chris Nicole Wedding-041 Chris Nicole Wedding-042 Chris Nicole Wedding-043 Chris Nicole Wedding-054

Chris Nicole Wedding-046 Chris Nicole Wedding-047 Chris Nicole Wedding-055 Chris Nicole Wedding-056

Chris Nicole Wedding-048 Chris Nicole Wedding-049 Chris Nicole Wedding-050 Chris Nicole Wedding-051 Chris Nicole Wedding-052 Chris Nicole Wedding-053 Chris Nicole Wedding-062 Chris Nicole Wedding-064 Chris Nicole Wedding-065 Chris Nicole Wedding-057 Chris Nicole Wedding-058 Chris Nicole Wedding-059 Chris Nicole Wedding-060Chris Nicole Wedding-067 Chris Nicole Wedding-068 Chris Nicole Wedding-069 Chris Nicole Wedding-070 Chris Nicole Wedding-072 Chris Nicole Wedding-074

Chris Nicole Wedding-077

Chris Nicole Wedding-071

Chris Nicole Wedding-085 Chris Nicole Wedding-078 Chris Nicole Wedding-079 Chris Nicole Wedding-080 Chris Nicole Wedding-081 Chris Nicole Wedding-083 Chris Nicole Wedding-086 Chris Nicole Wedding-087 Chris Nicole Wedding-088 Chris Nicole Wedding-089 Chris Nicole Wedding-003

Chris Nicole Wedding-063 Chris Nicole Wedding-094

Chris Nicole Wedding-004

Chris Nicole Wedding-090 Chris Nicole Wedding-091

Chris Nicole Wedding-005 Chris Nicole Wedding-006 Chris Nicole Wedding-007

Chris Nicole Wedding-093

Chris Nicole Wedding-008

Chris Nicole Wedding-025

Chris Nicole Wedding-099 Chris Nicole Wedding-102 Chris Nicole Wedding-103 Chris Nicole Wedding-105

Chris Nicole Wedding-116

Chris Nicole Wedding-095 Chris Nicole Wedding-096 Chris Nicole Wedding-097 Chris Nicole Wedding-098Chris Nicole Wedding-104 Chris Nicole Wedding-107 Chris Nicole Wedding-108 Chris Nicole Wedding-110 Chris Nicole Wedding-112 Chris Nicole Wedding-114 Chris Nicole Wedding-115 Chris Nicole Wedding-117 Chris Nicole Wedding-118 Chris Nicole Wedding-119 Chris Nicole Wedding-120 Chris Nicole Wedding-121 Chris Nicole Wedding-122 Chris Nicole Wedding-123 Chris Nicole Wedding-125 Chris Nicole Wedding-124