10 Pretty In Pink Wedding Bouquets


Tara Lilly Photography

I love pink. I love flowers. And I love weddings.

I’ve photographed a lot of flowers and wedding bouquets over the past eight years. It takes a special touch and talent to make wedding bouquets come to life and incorporate the bride’s personality.

I love it when bride’s add a personal touch to their wedding day flowers, something that has special meaning: grandmother’s pin or handkerchief, a bit of sparkle, rosary, a variety of flowers / plants, etc.

Here are 10 Pretty in Pink Wedding Bouquets that I wish I could have in my living room everyday 🙂

Tara Lilly Photography

Lindsey’s White + Pink Wedding Bouquet: Florist: George’s Flowers


Katie’s Pink on Pink Wedding Bouquet: Florist: Caroline LaRocca Event Design

Tara Lilly Photography

Beth’s Soft Pink Wedding Bouquet: Florist: Gloriosa

Tara Lilly Photography

Chelsey’s Pink + Peach Wedding Bouquet: Florist: Caroline LaRocca Event Design

Tara Lilly Photography

Mallory’s Destination Wedding Bouquet: Florist Dreams Punta Cana Resort

Tara Lilly PhotographyKalee’s White + Pink Bouquet


Tara Lilly Photography

Lottie’s Wedding Bouquet: Florist: Gillespies Florist


Tara Lilly Photography

Krystina’s Wedding Bouquet: Florist: Gloriosa



Brittany’s Wedding Bouquet: Florist Kroger

Tara Lilly Photography

Leah’s Wedding Bouquet: Florist: George’s Flowers

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