2,012 Reasons


I have to admit, I hate to see 2012 go. Sometimes it’s hard to over look the downtimes of the year but I definitely think the blessings outweigh them 10x over. Here’s a peek at what happened in 2012:


Spring seemed to have come early in 2012, which meant it was prettier outside earlier and the camera came out to play:


It also meant I got to enjoy one of my favorite places a lot sooner:


And with spring comes new life, my dear friend Mandy gave birth to her baby boy:


We collected and gave over 100 Easter baskets to the Local Office on Aging (my friends and family are AWESOME):

We planted a vegetable garden for the third time…in the city (our soil is horrible) but we had a lot of help:

We witnessed 16 beautiful wedding days with wonderful couples and their families (more on those later):

Was featured in local magazines: the Roanoker and The Wedding Planner Magazine (pics to come), and landed the cover:

Took a trip to the wild and wonderful, West Virginia to visit family as well as enjoyed time with friends over the summer (badminton competition ain’t no joke!):

Saw my first 3D movie in the theater, all grown up like:

We photographed many families, couples, high school seniors, children and special times (more on that later too):

We collected care packages for the Wounded Warrior Project (again…all my family and friends):

I said “hello” to the last of my 20s:

We participated in the Drumstick Dash for the first time (so fun) and Chris ran his first 5K:

We went to our first college football game (VT vs. UVA), what an experience that was!:

We *finally* went on vacation and it was wooooonderful (more pictures on that later, when it’s like REALLY cold and snowy):

And finished up with a Christmas full of family, friends, good food, smiles and laughs (oooooh it’s my favorite).

To end 2012, my nephew was born (just a couple days ago!) and my dear friend is getting married next year! And hopefully I’m not forgetting anything else big that happened all though I’m sure I am : )

Next year, I hope to take EVEN more pictures to document our year. Here’s to a new year and to new blessings! And here’s a picture of my boys, because, well, they’re just too sweet and cute (taken with my phone so don’t hate on the quality too much):