A Neighbor In Need : Roanoke Photographer


Chris and I want to help. We want to give until we can’t give anymore. And when this time of year rolls around, it seems to be more profound to me.

The problem? We know there’s so many that are in need, where do we start? So we’ll give here and there, hoping to touch many but still don’t think we’re doing enough.

And that changed just a couple days ago. It’s been over a year, did you read what that said? OVER A YEAR that our elderly neighbor has been living on $40 for food a MONTH. Who knew? We had no idea…Last year he often went without heat because he didn’t have enough money to pay the bill. His house usually stays dark with little or no light to be seen through his windows because he can’t afford to pay the electrical bill. He has no car and one cold winter night, he jumped on his moped and took off to the ER when he wasn’t feeling well. When times were really bad for him, he asked one of my neighbors if he could have their leftovers from dinner. He was hungry.

My heart broke. It broke for our neighbor who was living in a cold, dark house with barely any food in his cabinets. It broke because I was sitting in my warm house, cabinets full of food and my mouth spilling out silly, stupid compliants. I never felt so ashamed but at the same time so blessed.

There was, just a few feet away, a neighbor that was in need. So Chris and I acted. We headed to the store and filled boxes full of food and household items. I baked a ham and goodies for him to enjoy for Christmas. My parents bought dog and cat food for his pets. And we delivered the boxes today and left wishing him a Merry Christmas.

THAT was the best part about my Christmas this year. The absolute best because all the other peripherals we get so caught up in this time of year do not compare to truly helping someone in need. That’s what matters and that’s what it means to give.