A New Beginning & A Pretty Pink Balloon


“I did it all
I owned every second
That this world could give
I swear I Iived”

Today is my birthday. 3-0 baby.
Can we just take a moment of silence to say goodbye to my 20s?

I kid.

But in all seriousness, looking back, the 20-something year old me surprised me several times.

I learned..

…if you really put your mind to something, no matter how many times you get beaten down, if you work for it and always keep going…it will happen.

…to not write people off so quickly. I’ve been surprised many times.

…not everything is as it seems.


…you’ll go through hard times. They don’t last forever. They sure do hurt sometimes, to the core. But then something awesome happens and it had to be in that order for a reason.

…let it go.

…people will let you down. They’re human. But you’re human too and at one time or another, you’ll let someone down too.

…somethings just can’t be explained and the only thing you can do is have faith.

…it’s good to be there for someone in the good times, but when they really need you is the not so good times.

…make mistakes. My 20s was full of them and that’s where I learned the most.

…if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, when it’s supposed to.

…don’t rush life but don’t forget to live it either.

Here’s to 30, y’all. Hoping life gets even sweeter in the 3s.
And since I fully believe in celebrating when you should. Here’s me, at 30, captured by the very talented Kemper Mills Fant.

FB_TaraL_1013_0023 FB_TaraL_1013_0052 FB_TaraL_1013_0153 FB_TaraL_1013_0162 FB_TaraL_1013_0174 FB_TaraL_1013_0181 FB_TaraL_1013_0183 FB_TaraL_1013_0207 FB_TaraL_1013_0211 FB_TaraL_1013_0247 FB_TaraL_1013_0267 FB_TaraL_1013_0274 FB_TaraL_1013_0338 FB_TaraL_1013_0371 FB_TaraL_1013_0395