A Story About Friendship


Just one day. It only takes one day to meet someone who could make such a print on your life, you’ll never forget.

If you follow my blog, and know me, you know I have a soft spot for the fur balls out there. The ones we call our fur kids, our best friends, the ones that come tromping in our lives and can bring us to our knees when they leave.

The one pet that someone abandons or tries to hurt, is the pet that becomes someone else’s best friend.

This is the story of Shannon and Princess.

It was just last year that Princess developed kidney disease and had to spend a week at Virginia Tech. Having to go through a major health change with a friend is hard, but when they’re reaching the end of their life expectancy, any turn could mean the unbearable. At 17 years old, Princess has been by the side of Shannon for quite sometime. All talk and no bite, she’ll let you know when she’s not happy but her sweetness always wins over.

This is an example of what friendship looks like, a true, loyal friendship.

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