A Tradition of Black Olives


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Oh my goodness, this is my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Sigh. Makes me very happy and feel cozy warm inside.

If there’s one thing that I can’t help think of around Thanksgiving, it’s the food. Delicious home cooking with all the traditional trimmings including black olives.

Yes, black olives.

Ever since I can remember, black olives has made a presence at the dinner table at my parents house for all the major holidays. We usually snack on them before the big dinner and during dinner. Not sure how the tradition happened or who thought of, “Hey, let’s have black olives!” but they’ve become a part of our family dinners. Over the years we’ve taken on new traditions of spinach and artichoke dip before Thanksgiving dinner and home made baked macaroni and cheese. If anyone knows me, they know I’m a sucker for really good home made baked macaroni and cheese. The kind that has three different kinds of cheese. And has to bake an hour until it’s bubbly and crisp on top…oh man.

Roanoke Portrait Photographer

And when all of the eating is done, we end off the night with a board game, sometimes Scrabble (which my dad or mom usually always win) or last year it was Trivial Pursuit. Too bad I never win, but this year, if we bring out the Wii, it’s on!

Roanoke Portrait Photographer