A Year & Full Heart Later



“Happy Anniversary! It’s your one year anniversary with the family!”

It was a year ago (and a couple days) we picked up our sweet Napolean from the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue to join our family. Chris had poked around he wanted another Boxer for months, so last Christmas, I searched for one. When I came across the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, my heart melted. It’s such a great organization rescuing and caring for Boxers that have been abused, surrendered or ended up in shelters on the waiting list to be euthanized.

So when I saw sweet Napolean boy, he had my heart. It was just a few weeks later after going through the application process that we were picking up our sweet boy and welcoming him into our home.

A year later, I woke up bright and early and broke out into song and dance to Napolean: “Happy Anniversary! It’s your one year anniversary with the family!”

Yes, I sing to our dogs. Don’t you know dogs love it when you sing to them? Anyways, after a cheerful parade of celebration in our living room, Chris and I reflected back on the past year with Napolean. Puppies can be quite a patience tester…and pillow, toy, shoeS, window seal, blanket, paper tester…but never the less our hearts haven’t felt so full.

Here’s to a lot more years with our sweet Napolean boy.

If you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family, you must check out the Blue Ridge Boxer Resuce, amazing people taking care of amazing dogs!



yes he is a special boy like when he got stuck under my bed thinking he was as little as my Corgis but I love him dearly… He liked staying w/Nana, Shadow, Rambo, and Little Man is his favorite to play with…

Love ya Napolean and so glad you are part of the family…