Adam + Carly : Bedford Wedding


She was anxious. Asking what time it was every five minutes or so, counting down the time until it was time to put on her dress and more importantly, to finally see Adam. Adam and Carly had a very moving wedding ceremony and spent the rest of the evening surrounded by family and friends at their reception. Adam and Carly, total sweethearts, it’s evident how much in love they are because all you have to do is look at the way they look at each other.

A few of my favorite moments:

– Adam and Carly decided to exchanging letters before their wedding ceremony. Tucked away in a quiet room by herself, Carly read Adam’s note, tears coming to her eyes, she bit her bottom lip and burst out into a smile.

– As I mentioned above, Adam and Carly had a very moving ceremony. It took all I had to keep it together. While they stood at the alter, Carly would lean her head on Adam’s shoulder and they would look at each other for a moment.

– Just married, Adam and Carly exited the church, Adam leaned over and touched the top of Carly’s head with this forehead. They stood over to the side, just the two of them and had a quiet moment together away from everyone else.

Of course, telling the story of their wedding is nothing compared to actually seeing it, on to the good stuff!


Ceremony: Bedford Presbyterian Church

Reception: Bernard’s Landing

Florist: Cheryl’s Secret Garden

Caterer: Log Cabin BBQ / Blacksburg

Cake: Diane’s Cake Creations

Dress: Amrhein’s



Such a fun group, loved the mustaches!


Aren’t these Groom / Bride forks adorable? Carly got them off of Esty:


Incase you couldn’t tell, Carly has a love for horses:


Beautiful! This looks like a beautiful, happy day!

Ravelle Whitener

What absolutely beautiful photos! It was such a wonderful day and you captured it beautifully! I can’t wait to see the rest!