Adam + Carly : Engaged


Carly has a love for horses and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find her at the stables in her free time. Of course, it didn’t take long for Adam to find this out so when it came time to pop the question, he knew the perfect place. One of their favorite things to do is take off on a trail, Carly ridding her horse and Adam walking the dog. There’s not really a slick way to get someone off a horse without some type of a reason so when Adam finally got Carly off her horse, she was very hesitant. When she got off her horse, she noticed a scratch on the chin of her horse and as soon as she turned around, there Adam was, on one knee with a very important question.

For their engagement session we took off to a beautiful location nestled in the mountains of Roanoke:



I LOVE THEM! Thanks Tara!