Alderman Family : Fall Portraits


When you’re normally at sea or exposed to 100º weather, the cool Virginia fall weather can take a little getting used to. Last fall, Jay was deployed and would spend months on a ship. Fast forward to a year later, he’s back with his family and enjoying the sweet Virginia fall.

AldermanFall14-001 AldermanFall14-002 AldermanFall14-003 AldermanFall14-004 AldermanFall14-006 AldermanFall14-008 AldermanFall14-009 AldermanFall14-010 AldermanFall14-011 AldermanFall14-012 AldermanFall14-013 AldermanFall14-014 AldermanFall14-015 AldermanFall14-016 AldermanFall14-019 AldermanFall14-020 AldermanFall14-021