An Easter Must Have


So while you’re preparing for your Easter celebrations, I want to do my duty in providing one person with the oh-so-essential Easter accessory….the Candy Pooping Chicken. Of course, there is waaaay more important details to focus on for Easter but why should I deny someone this Easter fun?

Leave a comment below with your favorite Easter candy, memory or tradition to enter to win this wonderful Candy Pooping Chicken. I’ll draw a random name tomorrow evening and send it on it’s way.

In the meantime, Bubba will keep a watchful eye for you:


My dad always set up this awesome Easter treasure hunt every year for me. He’d leave a Easter treat with a note on it for me to find and the note was always a clue to where the next treat was. It was silly stuff like “where you dry the clothes” and I’d go look in the dryer and find another treat with another clue! At the end of the hunt would always be a giant Easter basket with a loving Happy Easter card, at 28 I’d still ask him to do it if he lived in town! It definetly one of my happiest childhood traditions 😀