A Baby Dedication : Roanoke Portrait Photographer


Family and friends gathered. They came to show their support and love for one special little girl.

They talked about being fearless, about having faith. They spoke about not being perfect and that you’ll never be the perfect parent. You’ll make mistakes but to always try your best. But more importantly, they talked about the connection and love they’ll always have to their sweet baby girl.

I’m not a parent. The closest thing I have to kids is two furry boys, which I’m sure is still not the same. Just standing back and listening to the words that were spoken about letting go of the fear and having faith didn’t leave my thoughts for sometime. Just the thought of ever being a parent makes my heart beat at an increased rate. Being responsible for another person? Whoa. But the idea of looking it at in another way, of having faith and trusting in something larger, I suppose that could be applied to many things in life and I like that idea.

There’s no doubt little Ellie is surrounded by love and what will be an incredible support system as she continues down the path of life.

This is the dedication of little Ellie:

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