For The Battle


Sometimes our paths cross with people and we have no idea the sort of impact they are about to make on our life. I believe we are each placed in the lives of others for a reason, sometimes we are taken out of their life for a reason but then other times, we are welcomed to stay a little longer.

When I started my little ol’ business a few years ago, there were a few people in the wedding industry that immediately supported and cheered me on. That’s something that I kinda will never forget. Here’s a mid-20 something year old girl, self-taught photographer, embarking on a business knowing barley anyone in the local wedding industry…whoa!

But one of those people that helped me along was Vicki Itson.

To simply put it, as someone said to me, “She’d give you the last dime she had, the shirt off her back, if you needed it. And she’d do it without hesitation, even it you were a complete stranger.”

Several weeks ago, Vicki was diagnosed with three different types of breast cancer. A single mother of three boys, she already had quite a busy life but something new was added to her plate. It wasn’t soon after that, friends and family, including wedding colleagues, gathered to support Vicki. A woman that helped so many, that started the largest networking group in the area for wedding professionals, was receiving what she had sewn for years, an unbelievable support system for her and her family.

This past weekend a BBQ event was thrown in Vicki’s honor to help raise funds for her health expenses. Local bakers donated numerous cakes, caterers donated food and drink, local companies donated door prizes and gifts, the venue was free and the outpouring of support for a wonderful lady was unbelievable:


BBQ-006 BBQ-007 BBQ-008 BBQ-009 BBQ-011 BBQ-013 BBQ-014 BBQ-015 BBQ-016 BBQ-017 BBQ-018 BBQ-020 BBQ-021 BBQ-022 BBQ-023 BBQ-024 BBQ-025 BBQ-026 BBQ-027 BBQ-028 BBQ-029 BBQ-030 BBQ-031 BBQ-032 BBQ-033 BBQ-034 BBQ-035 BBQ-036 BBQ-037 BBQ-038 BBQ-039 BBQ-040 BBQ-041 BBQ-042 BBQ-043
BBQ-046 BBQ-047 BBQ-048 BBQ-049 BBQ-050 BBQ-051 BBQ-054 BBQ-055 BBQ-056 BBQ-057 BBQ-058 BBQ-059 BBQ-060 BBQ-061 BBQ-062 BBQ-063 BBQ-064 BBQ-065 BBQ-066 BBQ-067 BBQ-068 BBQ-069 BBQ-070 BBQ-071 BBQ-072 BBQ-073 BBQ-074

If you would like to read more about Vicki’s story or make a donation, click here. Orrrrrr purchase one of these snazzy hoodies (link coming soon)!