Birthday Cake Truffles & Fall Air



It was about a month ago I celebrated another year alive and healthy. A packed full October & November left me a little breathless but in one of those that-was-awesome kind of ways.

It’s kind of weird how quickly, each year, my birthday comes and goes. Sometimes, I have this fear in the back of my head that I’ll get so busy I’ll forget my birthday. Yes, that’s a fear of mine. I’d hate to live life so fast I forget to celebrate moments.


But I didn’t forget my birthday this year and surrounded by the bestests friends & family, there’s no way I could forget.

This past year was full of many new life lessons…and reminders of old ones.

– Forgiveness. I’m not going to lie, I still struggle with this time to time. Not really so much accepting an apology but forgiving beyond an apology. To forgive enough to let go and move on, even when an apology is never offered.

– Making the tough decision. I had to do the very adult thing a few times this past year to make a very tough decision because it would be for the better. Sometimes you can see things that others may not be able to or just be able to understand what needs to be. Taking action isn’t always easy but getting through a little rough patch is much easier than living in a field full of briers.


– Keeping running. I had the bright idea of running my first 5K…and I’m not a runner. At all. I trained for almost two months with one goal in mind…run the whole thing. I didn’t care about time, I just wanted to complete it. With the first 5K out of the way, I’m training for the next. I’ve gotten myself into the habit of running everyday, if I can. Just sucking up the not so awesome feeling of actually running to complete a goal in mind (and eat more cookies, let’s be real here).

– Perspective. Often our perspective is our own reality but not the entire truth…or what’s even important. I’ve often missed greater things because of a skewed perspective. I’ve learned every story / situation often has things happening that are greater than I can see. One simple view of a particular situation can change so much…even changing that view.


– Hold Strong & Be Thankful. Still learning this one too. Kind of plays hand and hand with perspective. Working on being thankful and counting my blessings, no matter the circumstance. And reminding myself, storms don’t last forever, they come and go.

– Keep My Eyes Above the Waves. I’ve been playing “Oceans” by Hillsong on repeat here and there, especially the part of walking wherever I’m led and having faith. 30 was full of um…experiences that took me out of my comfort zone, out of what I knew.  I’ve always known to truly grow and become better at whatever I’m supposed to be, I would be led down a few rough roads and have to climb a few mountains. To actually do it is almost feeling like you lose pieces of yourself to gain something better, perhaps those pieces, though, needed to be lost.


It blows my mind how quickly life can change. Within the last couple of months I learned of a couple of close friends battling with cancer but their outlook on life, their spirit, is so strong. So strong. Life can be tough kids, but it also can depend on how you carry your load. Hold tight and be good to yourself, you deserve it.

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Photos by Kemper Mills Fant