2015 Wedding Crawl

If you’re planning a wedding or an event, attending the Wedding Crawl is a MUST. It’s one of my favorite events to participate in every year. It started as a small idea three years ago with a small group of wedding professionals. Fast forward to this past Sunday, over $4,000 was raised from the event to benefit the Roanoke Valley SPCA and over 250 people attended the event!

This year, I was at Center in the Square with a team of other local wedding professionals:

Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
The Perfect Fairytale
Green Designs
Creative Entertainment
Azario Salon & Day Spa
Country Road Vintage Rentals
Weddings in Roanoke
For the Love of Sweets
Her Perfect Day Boutique
Roanoke Mountain Adventures

The food is always a big hit at the Crawls! Pumpernickel Pickle created some tasty treats:

Flaming Donut Hole Station (with ice cream!!!)
Mini Chicken Taco Salad
BBQ Shrimp and Grits with Creole Sauce
Maple Glazed Donut with Spicy Chicken
For the Love of Sweets created mini cupcakes:
Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes with her signature vanilla buttercream, chocolate truffle buttercream and a caramel or raspberry topping – yum!
Our team also did a “Spin the Wheel” giveaway contest. Every 20 minutes our bride threw her bouquet and whoever caught the bouquet took a spin at our wheel of prizes. On top of the other prizes attendees could win at the event, surely, it was hard to leave empty handed!
It really was a perfect day….75 degrees, cool breeze, happy brides and their friends + family. Can’t wait until next year! For more information on the event or the Roanoke Wedding Network, take a trip here.
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