5 Things I’m Lovin’ : Summer

Hey there summer, where ya been all year?

It’s mid-July. Just let that sink in for sec. Half-way point through the year, just a few short months until Christmas. My, life goes by so fast.

I fully believe in spending my free time doing things I love and making the most of every minute. Here are a few of things I’m loving this summ-a:


Live Music.

I feel like summer wouldn’t feel the same without live music. I love it so much.  I even ended up going to a Lana Del Ray concert because the ticket was free (I’m not super familiar with her albums).

Can we give it up for John Mellencamp still rocking it out in his 60s?! I will forever love Jack and Diane.


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Energy. All the energy!

I’m trying to be health…ier. If I’m going to take time to sweat it out in the gym, I’m going to make it worth my while. These sugar and calorie-free energy drinks have come in handy on those Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. I’ve got work to do, you know.


Mac & Cheese. Pimento Cheese Mac & Cheese.

If I had to pick a very favorite food group, it’d be mac & cheese. I have a cookbook of different mac and cheese recipes that I’m working my way through. I’ll choose restaurants based upon their mac and cheese selection. I just need mac & cheese, keep your fried chicken. It’s like that.

Pimento mac & cheese? Baked into a golden deliciousness. I could make you my dinner e’rrry night, but as my mom always says “I’ve got to watch my womanly figure.”



Ever since I visited the Baltimore Aquarium, I’ve been kinda hooked. I try to visit at least one big one a year, making my way through the US to get to all the good ones.

Anyone have a favorite I should go see?



Waze App.

I’m a weekend getaway kind of girl. When I’m not at a wedding or a family session, I’m hitting the road for my next adventure. I started doing them almost two years ago when things were a lil’ rough and have found them to be like a reset button for me.

If you’ve never travelled I-81, you are blessed and sacred. I hate, loathe, detest, everything I-81. I’ve driven through DC traffic, been stuck in Atlanta grid lock, but somehow, hate I-81 so much more. Can I get a “Yeah girl!”??

The Waze App has been a great travel buddy. Other road warriors who have Waze report traffic jams, accidents and speed traps. It will also give alternate routes and allow you to directly communicate with other users.


Summer, please stay around a while longer. I like you here. Hope everyone is having a marvelous summer!