A Few Favorites : Spring 2019

I always find myself breathing deep after the winter. The kind of breath that resembles a “I survived.”

So dramatic like.

Spring brings a new life and a new freshness (albeit covered in pollen). I’ve been chiseling at my stack of books to read. I recently just finished Cultivate by Lara Casey which is the perfect connection between gardening and having faith:

After the fallen tree incident, I’ve been working to get my house back in order. The repairs finished in March but the yard required a lot of cleanup where the pine tree left a lot of debris.

I decided to take on a little fireplace project. I spent several days layering paint and adding texture to get the look I wanted:

Over the past five months, I’ve worked on being very intentional with how I fuel my body. I’ve dealt with stomach issues for 15 years and I’ve honestly had enough with it. Over the last couple of years, I’ve felt head fog and a difficulty and moving through my thoughts and accurately communicating what I want to say.

I tried vegan in January, gluten-free in February, and switched to a no-dairy, gluten-free diet towards the end of February. If anything has been the biggest change it’s been the gluten-free diet. The head fog has almost entirely got away except for times I cheat and eat pasta or bread.

I mainly stay away from dairy besides eggs. I eat mostly vegan butter and I will eat some meat and seafood, but I’ve always been super picky about both so I’ve never eaten a lot of either.

Below are some of my favorites for those trying GF/DF diet:

Have you been GF or DF? Any recipes or tricks you’ve found? Please comment below!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a Fruity Pebble donut from Suarez Bakery because yes.