A Lady & Her Dog

It may have been a total of two hours that passed when I sent the text. I knew right away, but the responsible adult in me said to wait and let my mind sit on it. Who was I kidding? I’m the type of person that when I make up my mind, I KNOW.

I met a big sweet boxer named Ivan (his given name) on a Saturday and adopted him less than a week later.

Charlotte Photographer

He came into my life full of puppy kisses, floppy ears, clumsy feet and the loudest puppy snores I’ve ever heard.

He’s 85+ lbs of love and laziness. A dog after my own heart, he loves to sleep and make nests out of pillows. I’m thinking of changing his name to Walter or Rufus or Buddy, I feel like it’s the right thing to do 🙂

Charlotte Photographer

A lot of um, support (more like pleading) from those closest to me sealed the deal with this guy from the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.

Having a dog(s) has taught me important life lessons, ones I know I couldn’t learn without these best buddies to show me. Even to get to the point of deciding to finally fill out the adoption application had a lesson. It wasn’t ever a matter of not “being ready” to get another dog. It was me not wanting to solidify a decision that was made without my choice.

It took me a few months to realize I couldn’t change the selfish decisions of someone else and to not let the decisions of others impact something that would make me happy…getting a dog. Life without a dog isn’t really meant for me…I just love them so.

Charlotte Photographer

So. Upon my arrival home, a wiggly big guy crawls out of bed and meets me at the door. He often can’t contain his excitement and it comes out in full force bunny jumps. In the evenings, I play our favorite songs and we dance carelessly (mostly him just running back and forth) in the living room.

He’s already encouraged me to work less in the evenings and take more time to walk in the park. He taught me a looooooong lesson in patience and understanding (separation anxiety in dogs is a rotten thing). And he re-taught me the lesson to ask for help when I need it.

Charlotte Photographer

A big old goofball came into my life a month ago and already carved out a section in my heart with his waggly nub and puppy kisses.