A New Season

Charlotte Photographer

The leaves crunched under my feet. It was the type of weather where it was a bit too warm for a coat, but the air had a chill that would make you second guess if you needed one.

A leaf stuck to my laces as I shuffled my feet along the path. It was one of those leaves that looked as if it was created with watercolor: a splash of red, yellow, orange and bit of green still left.

Charlotte Photographer

I’ve been known to go to overlooks, open the back hatch of my SUV and just sit for an hour, especially when the leaves change. I remember my 12th birthday my parents asked what I wanted to do and it was to go to an overlook on top of a mountain. With their 1990-something camcorder in hand, that’s where we went: to see the leaves at their peek color.

It’s a new season, a time for change.


Today, my coworkers chose to act in kindness. Through such a simple act they chose to turn the events in Charlotte into an opportunity to shine a light.

In a time where so many hearts are hurting, action is a necessity to make an important change. On the day that begins a new season, I’m hopeful it will change the way I view certain things as well. I often forget each person is fighting their own battle. I get so focused on peripheral things, I skip placing kindness first.

It’s time for a change.

Charlotte Photographer