Anthony + Frances : The Glen Wedding

Frances had a smile that wouldn’t leave her face. She kept her focus on Anthony as everyone lined up to walk down the aisle.

It was a beautiful September day and the mountains looked especially blue that day.

Anthony + Frances are both lawyers so it’s only fitting their family friend, a judge, married them. I’m not sure what all of the terminology used meant, but I’m sure Anthony + Frances chose the words wisely : D

The reception was simply lovely. Anthony + Frances had their first dance surrounded by over 300 hanging LED lights, shades of pink and candle light. Sigh.

Wishing these many more beautiful September evenings together!

Wedding / Reception: The Glen
Wedding Planner: Vicki Itson with Simplicity
Florist: George’s Flowers
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle
Guitarist: Kristopher Hale
Linens: BBJ
Salon: Les Cheveux
Cake: Wildflour
Lighting: Lighting Ninjas
Limo: Executive Town Car
Rentals: Aztec
DJ: Quest Entertainment

Special thanks to my 2nd shooter: Jason at Simple Times Photography


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