April Adventures

There are times I photograph just for fun, capture random happenings in my life. Life moves by too fast to not freeze some of the best moments.

April has been trying new food, listening to good music and being proactive to focus on the good things, like pizza and puppies!

Tried Rico’s Acai for the first time. Healthy is yummy.


Pizza is a weekly thing for me. WEEKLY. Or I have withdrawals. Craft Tasting Room has yum-o flatbread pizza. Let’s be real, I usually scrape my toppings off of regular pizza to avoid the “extra” bread. I’m weird that way. Flatbread is my jam.


I did the 5K Hemophilia Walk to support my second cousin. When I say I did it, I mean I walked it, thus taking pictures during:


My co-worker brought his Pug to work for a FULL DAY! Pug-y Pug Pug!


I’ve been looking forward to the Alabama Shakes concert for FOUR months. Four months! It just so happens I work in the same building the concert was held. I saw Brittany Howard twice, up close. She made eye contact. She knows I exist. I kid. Kinda.


Saturday lunches on patios is mighty fine the springtime. Reid’s Fine Foods at Southpark Mall has become a favorite:


The US National Whitewater Center has free concerts during the warmer months. Bring a blanket, watch the sunset and listen to good music. It’s a good thing:


Caught this little lady drawing away on the sidewalk. Be creative. Everyday, I try to push myself to keep at it, dig deeper, do more and do great things.


How’s your spring going so far?