April Content Planning for Brands

We are here. In that, I mean, we are full in April, but I know that running your own business and handling 503,000 other things can mean that your content + social media planning can go at the wayside or be one of those things “Sh*t, we have posted in a while. What can we put on Instagram?”

Planning your marketing campaigns and content ahead of time not only makes sure everything from your visuals to messaging is quality and aligned with your goals, but it also means less stress.

The best way to approach your marketing and content calendars + planning strategy is a quarter in advance. This means building strategy and creating the quarter before: brainstorming sessions, scheduling your photoshoots, building out marketing campaigns, adding tagging and tracking where needed, setting up A/B testing, etc. (Take it from someone that’s been doing this very thing for 15+ years for multiple brands.)

If you realize we’re about to get knee-deep in April and your content can use some love and planning, here are three ideas to jumpstart the planning process for upcoming events in April:

  • 4/16: National Stress Awareness Day
    • Share tips and ideas on how to reduce stress, dedicate time for self-care, etc. Are you or your team practicing these tips? Share how you or your team reduces stress to add a personal touch to your content.
  • 4/21: Admin Professional Day
    • Great for promoting in advance if you offer a product or a service that corporate leadership to take advantage of! Have an admin professional on your team? Highlight them on your social media.
  • 4/22: Earth Day
    • Do you offer sustainable products? Do you or your team volunteer with cleaning up the community? Instead of just saying Happy Earth Day, share a story on why this day is important to you/your company.

Ready to get a jump start on May content planning? Get access to the full content calendar here.