Backyard Family Portrait Sessions

Sometimes there’s no place like home, and more so in the backyard enjoying a beautiful day.

The kids are playing, the sun is shining, and you feel in your element and the best you when you’re at home…when you’re family is able to be themselves.

That’s why I love backyard family sessions the most. I love a good family portrait, but the best photos are always the ones that are candid, if I’m honest. The ones where people are being themselves, caught in a good laugh, or running among the grass and flowers (or weeds, whatever your style is!)

If the thought of getting your family “ready” and off to a park for family portraits is filled with dread or “no way is that happening,” a backyard session is the perfect option. If you prefer more candids than portraits, the ones of your kids playing and full of genuine smiles, let’s meet in your backyard. Bring out the bubbles, the yard games, the hugs, and let your family be themselves!

If you’re interested in booking a backyard portrait session, contact me here. Scroll down to see some favorites from backyard sessions: