Belkonen Family : Fall Portraits

Sometimes you need the help from mom and dad to jump really high in the air. Then there are times you just want mom to hold you so you can hold her right back.

When you feel upset, mom plays like she’s a monster and dad carries you through the “forest” so you can fight of the said mom-monster!

Being a kid is fun. Capturing Belkonen family reminded me of that.

Family Portraits
BelkonenFall15-003 BelkonenFall15-005 BelkonenFall15-006 BelkonenFall15-008 BelkonenFall15-010 BelkonenFall15-012 BelkonenFall15-014 BelkonenFall15-016 BelkonenFall15-017 BelkonenFall15-018 BelkonenFall15-019