Blue Ridge Catering & Sundara Spring Open House

Blue Ridge Catering and Sundara pull out all the stops when they host their Open House. Both are show stoppers in the wedding and event industry in Roanoke. If you haven’t experienced either, it’s a must!

Sundara recently did quite a bit of renovations, including a “Glamping Tent” facing an open field framed by large, lovely mountains. A new elevated area near the dance floor showcased antique furniture, wooden crates and plants. Their “bath house” was also renovated with new upgrades….one bathroom has a wall made completely of old maps!

Blue Ridge Catering didn’t disappoint with new creations, including a cocktail, the “Earl Change,” that I saw just about everyone have in hand. A mix of pork, peanut sauce, rice, peppers and carrots was the perfect amount of ingredients to make a tasteful bite. Prime Rib, petite baked potato and au gratin spinach was aaaaaamazing.

Then, then on then, there was a dessert bar with handmade fortune cookies. Oh my.

Here’s a peek at the Open House:

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