Blush Baking Co. : Visual Content Photography

She moved with a quickness but with precision. After all, it was her kitchen, but it was as if each movement in the baking process was ingrained in each living cell. Upon entering her kitchen, the smell of cookies baking and made from scratch strawberry jam on the stove was like something you could never bottle up in a candle. It smelled like heaven.

Joanna with Blush Baking Co. is known for not only her amazing wedding cakes and custom cookie designs, but she creates everything from scratch. Even the buttercream she uses to add the final touches to her baked creations has a special ingredient to make customers want more.

Joanna grew up on classic southern recipes and spent time in the kitchen from a young age. There’s not only a lot of custom, homemade deliciousness that comes out of her kitchen but every single order is wrapped in care. You can feel it in her presence and as she works. It’s not just a job or a business; it’s a part of her.

Joanna was looking for fresh visual content to use on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and printed material. With a recent rebrand, the photography of her baking business was important to create a consistent visual experience for her audience across all of her marketing channels (both digital and print). With an understanding of who her audience is and what her goals are this year, we were able to create a strong brand photography library to be used in the months to come: