Brooks + Hailey : Alexander Homestead Wedding

Brooks + Hailey.

Their wedding was so full of LIFE. Energy. Love. Just all over good vibes.

They were married on a Friday evening in October, the thermostat said it was July, but the blue sky showed off a little as big puffy clouds provided coolness from the heat. It just so happened to be the perfect day for their wedding (besides the fact it was also their dog’s, Avett, birthday!).

A few favorite moments of their day:

  • Brooks + Hailey met by fate, a dear friend, and Ritz Carlton Punch. Both of them so happened to end up at the Punch Room one evening and their mutual friend, bartender Bob Peters, knew what needed to happen next. If fate got both of them there that evening, he knew he could tilt the scales even more in their favor. He sneakily sat both of them and their group of friends right beside each other. It was all history from there. The Punch Room was also the place that Brooks proposed to Hailey and guess who officiated their wedding? Their dear friend, Bob Peters.
  • Hailey and her bridesmaids were a HOOT and my kind of people. I can’t even count how many random dance parties broke out throughout the day. Just wait until you get to the reception images. DANCING FIRE.
  • I’ve know Hailey for a few years and I can tell when she lights up inside with excitement and happiness. On her wedding day, it was a whole new level. Brooks + Hailey choose to do a first look and it really was the best little moment. They spent several minutes just catching up on their day and spending time together before the ceremony. Having a first look doesn’t take away the specialness of seeing each other at the ceremony. It’s written all over Hailey’s face as she turned the corner to walk down the aisle and Brooks seeing her walking towards him….it’s still just as wonderfully beautiful.
  • If you know Hailey, you won’t be surprised at the fact that she planned her wedding very specifically around Panther’s games. Her and her dad are TRUE, DIE HARD fans and I’m sure they haven’t missed very many home games. The reception was kicked off with the percussion from the Panther’s band playing during Brooks + Hailey’s entrance. Guests went INSANE, but I think the real winner was seeing Hailey’s dad’s face light up.

Let’s get to the good stuff – congrats to you, too!!

Special thanks to Tracie from Tracie Hoprich Photography for second shooting with me!