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My Life

When there is a beginning…

Randomly, people will pop into my head. Friends. Family. Previous acquaintances or relationships. Usually, I feel inclined to either reach out or inquire if they’re

My Life

2021 Recap : Spoiler Alert

{If you’re here for the photos, just skip down to the bottom} I was there…With the Christmas trees outlined in the windows. The smell of

11 years

I stared out the window, took a breath, and pushed back into the chair. Just outside my door, I could hear the office conversations, the

Gray Skies

Of course, it happens this way: you spend your morning washing your cars, removing layers of pollen that worked itself into every crevice, scrubbing, and

Practice Makes Better Bagels

I think I’m a year behind the bread baking or just general baking trend that most did while in quarantine last year (it’s probably because

Turning a New Page

It’s been a while since I gave y’all a life update! I hope each of you are doing well and having a great start to

It’s been a minute

Whew. :::Raises hand::: I’m here y’all. It’s just been a hot minute. I’m sure like most of you, maneuvering through 2020 has felt like we’re

2019 Year in Review

Man, the end of another decade that opened and closed A LOT of chapters. 2010 was the year I officially opened my business and 2020

Fluffy Southern Biscuits

I grew up on biscuits. It was a speciality of my maw maw and mom. Made from scratch every time they were welcomed at the