C&F Farms : Brand Photography

The sun began to break above the peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The grass still glistened with a pale white from the frost that collected overnight. The tractor’s engine purred loudly as it headed for the barn to load up hay bales for the cows out in the furthest pasture towards the east and right up against the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Debbie took the wheel of the tractor. One that she’s driven for years and one that her father drove before her. C&F Farms had been in her family for generations-raising cows, cultivating gardens full of many different produce, including plump red tomatoes. She grew up on the farm that sits just below a ridge of blue mountains, and now her son, Jared, started to handle overseeing the operations. 

With a passion for providing grass-fed beef and pork to families, Jared started to shift the vision of C&F Farms. By providing finished animal products, they focus on how livestock is raised in a healthy, clean, and natural environment. Their guiding principle is to mimic a natural system for their livestock so that families can have easy access to quality meat products from just down the road.

This is a look into the morning on the farm and all of the work that happens before lunchtime. By capturing these photos through the use of storytelling and knowing the photos will ultimately be used as content for their different digital channels, we were able to achieve a library of images that would resonate with their audience but showcase the true mission of their brand.

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