Chapman Family Portraits

Over the hills and through the woods to the Chapman’s big ol’ farmhouse I went!

There is a CHRISTMAS TREE farm beside the cutest creek below their house, so of course, we HAD to go there to grab some pictures. Then back up to the house for a game of chess, catch and to feed their goats (the goat named Mac n Cheese was my favorite).

ChapmanFamily-004 ChapmanFamily-005 ChapmanFamily-006 ChapmanFamily-008 ChapmanFamily-010 ChapmanFamily-011 ChapmanFamily-013 ChapmanFamily-014 ChapmanFamily-016 ChapmanFamily-017 ChapmanFamily-018 ChapmanFamily-020 ChapmanFamily-025 ChapmanFamily-027 ChapmanFamily-028 ChapmanFamily-029 ChapmanFamily-030 ChapmanFamily-031 ChapmanFamily-032 ChapmanFamily-033 ChapmanFamily-034 ChapmanFamily-035 ChapmanFamily-036 ChapmanFamily-037 ChapmanFamily-038 ChapmanFamily-039 ChapmanFamily-041