Charlotte Portrait Session: Akeia

Meet: Akeia

Graduate student in the Queen City!

Akeia earned her Graduate degree and shortly after moved & settled into a new job. So, a celebratory portrait session was to be had to capture this awesome achievement!

A summer evening in uptown Charlotte with the most loveliest light. AND Akeia had the best laugh + shoes. A great combination, you know 🙂

Akeia-002 Akeia-003 Akeia-005 Akeia-006 Akeia-008 Akeia-009 Akeia-010 Akeia-013 Akeia-015 Akeia-017 Akeia-019 Akeia-001 Akeia-020 Akeia-021 Akeia-022 Akeia-023 Akeia-024 Akeia-026