Christmas with a Quickness

Charlotte Christmas

In the corner of my living room, the tree is still decorated and lit. I keep it lit about 18 hours a day because I know it will be many of days before I will see it again. Needless to say, I’m one to keep the tree up until right before New Year’s, soaking up every last piece of Christmas.

I’m not sure when Christmas ended. A few days ago I think. It’s a blur at this point. I kid. Kind of.

Last week, we started off the Christmas festivities with seeing the Nutcracker by the Charlotte Ballet. So good! I was pretty fascinated with the lighting there:


Friday we started off the gift exchange. Ivan was spoiled rotten with new toys that are now scattered all over the living room floor. Every once in a while he’ll walk by them and push them with his paw to hear them squeak. Silly boy.

Christmas Decor


A little later, and a very packed car, I started down the road to pick up my aunt to make the 3+ hour trip to visit family.

Except my car started to over heat.

Thankfully, we were still in town and a hop from a AAA Car Center. Three and half hours later and a few hundred dollars, we were good to go. I can’t even tell you how hard I’m trying not to be super annoyed and angry about it. Just glad we didn’t end up on the side of the highway. And AAA could take care of it that day.

The next day, another trip to West Virginia to visit family. But not before I accidentally dropped a gold necklace down the drain and my sister had to help me take apart the pipes. I don’t even know. Just keeping life entertaining. lol

West Virginia

Over the river, through the woods and up several mountains to see my uncle.

Piping hot beef stew that slow cooked all night.

Arriving at my uncle’s, I took my time prepping lunch in what was once my grandmother’s kitchen. Preheating the oven, I could see her moving from one thing to another as she often did cooking and baking. The smell of biscuits baking reminded me of the many breakfasts her and my grandfather would make for us when we would visit.

Spooning the stew into her bowls and setting the table with her plates. Those good memories that fill the eyes. I believe meals just taste better there.

Beef Stew


Returning home with the cutest little sight. Second window on the right, there’s the silhouette of Ivan. 😀


Christmas Day was a whirlwind and Ivan is still trying to rest up on sleep. Too much fun.

Boxer Christmas

Ended the visit with stories and black & white photographs of family. Lots of coffee and a safe trip back to Charlotte. I’ve spent most of my day diving into the Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Illustration book.

So thankful for holidays and days off. Tired, delirious and full…but oh, so happy.  😀


Tara Lilly