Dustin + Eric : Vinton War Memorial Wedding

Maybe all you really need is each other…and a room full of family and friends that just, love you, support you..and are there for you every step of the way, no matter how difficult it may be at times.

Everyday is a choice. We make the choice each day on how we want to spend our life and who we want to spend it with. The days go by so fast, weddings remind me of that. It takes a lot of planning…a lot of love…and a lot of support from each other to get to the wedding day. It all goes by so fast, but it’s full of moments, memories, emotions, smiles.

Dustin + Eric’s wedding was so many of those things. Just two people, so in love, so incredibly happy and dancing the night AWAY. So fun and such an amazing time. Just scroll down to see : )

Ceremony / Reception: Vinton War Memorial
Planner / Coordinator: Caroline LaRocca Events
Florist: Caroline LaRocca Events
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Girl’s Make-Up: Polished

Many thanks to Marissa from Bella Muse Photography for 2nd shooting!




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DustinEricWeddingw-073 DustinEricWeddingw-074 DustinEricWeddingw-075 DustinEricWeddingw-076


DustinEricWeddingw-077 DustinEricWeddingw-078 DustinEricWeddingw-079

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