Elias + Katie : Patrick Henry Ballroom Wedding

“How are you feeling? Is your mind going a million miles?”

“Actually, I’m good.” she answered as she turned from looking out the window. If Katie’s head was swimming with a to-do list or a thousand thoughts, it would be hard to know. She laughs easily, she doesn’t try to control the moment, but instead, just lets them happen on their own. Elias just seems to bring those traits out even more in her, when he’s around, she laughs and smiles more. There was very few times I saw her on their wedding day without carrying a smile.

A few of my favorite moments from Elias + Katie’s wedding:

1- While putting on her shoes, Katie’s mother, sister and brother helped her…and they were having a blast. Being around people so happy, just enjoying the day is so contagious. …and is a dream to photograph.

2- At the first look, Elias + Katie drifted into a world of their own. They talked and laughed among themselves. It was hard to not stop and stare at the connection between them, they would’ve never known though, it was as if we were never there.

3- “She’s going to push me to better and I’m going to push her to better. We’re going to be there for each other.” When Katie’s father asked Elias why he wanted to marry his daughter, he didn’t answer with a simple “I love her.” or “It’s the next step, it feels right.” He answered honestly and the way he felt. Sigh.

Ceremony / Reception: Patrick Henry Ballroom
Coordinator / Florist: Caroline LaRocca Event Design
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Hair: Rachel Vassar
Caterer: Center Stage Catering
Dress: Bridal Elegance, Richmond
Make-Up: Jessica Hall
Cake: Evie’s Wedding Cakes
Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Many thanks to my second shooter: Marissa with Bella Muse!

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