Exploring Asheville


Taking a weekend trip to Asheville has become a tradition for me over the past few years. Food. Exploring. Food. Shopping. Food. You get it.

What you’re seeing for your very eyes is a lasagna pizza from Favilla’s New York Pizza. It’s literally lasagna on a pizza. Is there not any greater thing?  Oh, but then there was cheeseburger pizza.

Asheville-001 Asheville-002


I feel like if I’m going to eat a doughnut. I’m just gonna eat a doughnut, but a good one. Hole makes their doughnuts to order and everything by hand. Just grab a doughnut and sit and watch for a while. It’s a true craft.

Asheville-007 Asheville-008 Asheville-009 Asheville-010 Asheville-014 Asheville-015


A little shopping and downtown exploring was to be had. I have a thing for bookstores, the ones that are cozy and full of fun finds. I may have visited every bookstore that crossed my path.
Asheville-017 Asheville-018 Asheville-019 Asheville-020 Asheville-021 Asheville-022 Asheville-025Asheville-067Asheville-068Asheville-069Asheville-071

Tacooooooooooos. White Duck Taco Shop. The line was out the door at 2p. What. I can see why though, it was yummy.

Asheville-027 Asheville-028 Asheville-029 Asheville-030 Asheville-031 Asheville-032 Asheville-033

Asheville = breweries. I think this is just common knowledge. I’m not a big drinker, I guess I’d rather eat my calories, smothered in cheese. But a brewery tour was part of the adventure & sip’n needed to be done! Then I literally ended the beer tour with a pimento grilled cheese sandwich. Just keep’n it real.

Asheville-034 Asheville-035 Asheville-036 Asheville-040 Asheville-042 Asheville-043 Asheville-044 Asheville-045 Asheville-047 Asheville-048 Asheville-050 Asheville-051 Asheville-052 Asheville-054 Asheville-056Asheville-058

Asheville-076 Asheville-079 Asheville-080 Asheville-081 Asheville-082


Before heading home, visited my dear friend, Tupelo Honey. Sunday brunch!

Asheville-072 Asheville-073