February : Done & Done

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need”

On my way home, thinking about writing my February recap, the Rolling Stones came on the radio. Going through my head was everything that happened in February…it honestly didn’t play very nice with me at times. Then the Rolling Stones came on and reminded me a few things and I thought…”Yeah, ok, I hear ya Stones.”

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I started out the month checking out a possible new wedding venue to the area. I mean, that view, c’mon!


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My sister celebrated another year of birth and we ate ALL of the New York Pizza. If you haven’t had New York Pizza in Vinton…well, what are you doing?


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At the ripe age of 31, I decided I needed these Valentine’s Day cards…and to send them out. Thanks, Martha Stewart.


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And remember that time it snowed last month?….And again….and again.
I know how annoying snow can be after a while, but it sure is pretty. I just love how a big snow can silence the world for a bit.


I met up with Mr. Ketcher for a glimpse in the day of his life.



I visited with Princess and Velvet, two lovely kitties.


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That moment it happened…left my workout pants at home. So. I worked out in my tennis shoes, dress and tights. Do whatchya gotta do.

For those following my running adventures, I’ve still been running..somewhat. I had been running about 30 miles a month and only pulled in 6.6 miles in February. Mostly the snow and weather, but I also decided to switch up my workout. I started going to Boot Camp classes more and spending more time strength training. Added a little HIIT and stairs to the routine and really started to see a difference. I’m sure I’ll still run here and there, but maybe slack back on the miles to focus on interval training.



Photographing events is cool and all, but when you get paid in Blue Ridge Catering food? Holla!


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I took my 2nd trip to DC…by myself…driving in the City. Weeeeeeeeee! I don’t know what it is about DC, I just like the vibe…perhaps not the traffic or the cost of living. People dressed in business attire swarmed the lobby of my hotel and in the streets, you could just feel the hustle.


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I explored the Seed Stories of three inspirational people I’ve crossed paths with in life: Roy & Brandy | Jason



To end the month, the team at my day job-o took home 7 American Advertising Awards. Four golds, two silvers and Judge’s Choice. It was just what was needed to end a long, bumpy month. Celebrate the good times, people. Enjoy the hard work you’ve put in and savor the moments.