Fluffy Southern Biscuits

I grew up on biscuits. It was a speciality of my maw maw and mom. Made from scratch every time they were welcomed at the breakfast and dinner table.

I’m embarrassed to say for most of my adult life I made mostly frozen Pillsbury biscuits. Doh. Can we say biscuit intimidation?! I thought it was such an art form and couldn’t bring myself to try. Let’s be real, it is an art.

Recently, I made it a mission to find the best recipe and perfect my biscuits because sometimes a girl just wants a made from scratch biscuit on a Sunday morning. Those fluffy, layered, buttery biscuits my maw maw would be proud of. So, it took a few weeks and a few recipe tries but I finally nailed it.

I used this recipe and here’s the secret: have your butter extra, extra cold and be GENTLE. Biscuits need a little love when you make them, too. So be sure to make them for some special people in your life.