Forever Fall

Fall always seems to take a while to fully show itself then leaves the party too quickly just when the fun is starting. It’s my favorite season and I hold on to it as long as possible. My fall decor goes up promptly September 1 and comes down November-ish for Christmas.

I spent most of my free time in September, October, and November behind the camera. What a blessing this year has been for my little business. Not one weekend didn’t go by without camera time this season.

October brought a new day job for this girl. A weight of anxiety and stress was lifted as I started this new chapter. The new job brought a longer commute…in Charlotte traffic…down an interstate. To keep my sanity, I got a library card and have been listening to audio books on my commute: Anne’s House of Dreams, Agatha Christie’s After the Funeral, and A Man Called Ove. I’m on the waitlist for all of the Harry Potter books and about #143 in line for Michelle Obama’s book Becoming.

I’ve still been reading through my collection of books and currently working my way through “Cultivate” by Lara Casey.

October also brought another birthday for myself and my sweet Ivan boy.


I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year and my family came down to spend a few days. It goes by too fast every year, almost seems like a blink of time. I find myself getting a little sad when it’s time to say goodbye and know it will be weeks (sometimes months) before I get to see them again.

But thank the Lord for two pans of mac n cheese and plenty of leftovers to get me through!

We end Thanksgiving with only one injury. Cheese graders are no joke…dangerous little suckers!


All work and no play makes us sad party people so we took a day “off” from our crazy work schedules to visit Asheville. Seeing the Biltmore at Christmas time is a favorite of mine. And of course, all of the wonderful food!