Harold + Beth : Sundara June Wedding

When “Started from the Bottom” by Drake started playing for Harold + Beth’s entrance into their reception, I just knew I was destined to photograph their wedding.

These two and their wedding day. Sigh.

In every single moment, there was a piece of loveliness. Even the dark clouds that threatened rain throughout the day contained a beauty. I suppose that’s what happens when you just live in and enjoy the moment together.

This is a little ditty about a boy from Botetourt County that met a Michigan girl in Northern Virginia. Two teachers. Two separate paths. A new chapter to remember.

Ceremony / Reception: Sundara
Wedding Coordinator: Kim Bary
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Florist: Gloriosa
Salon: Michael Helene Salon
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Videographer: Weddings in Roanoke
Cake: Mary Ogilive

Special thanks to my 2nd shooter: Bella Muse Photography

This handkerchief and letter has been in Beth’s family for many, many years. It’s been the something “old” in other family weddings and has held up to be a faithful friend over the years:

HaroldBeth-003 HaroldBeth-004 HaroldBeth-005 HaroldBeth-006 HaroldBeth-007 HaroldBeth-008HaroldBeth-145


HaroldBeth-009 HaroldBeth-010 HaroldBeth-011

HaroldBeth-086 HaroldBeth-087HaroldBeth-012 Shoes HaroldBeth-091HaroldBeth-139HaroldBeth-140
HaroldBeth-014 HaroldBeth-015 HaroldBeth-016 HaroldBeth-141HaroldBeth-017 HaroldBeth-142HaroldBeth-143HaroldBeth-018HaroldBeth-144 HaroldBeth-019 HaroldBeth-021 HaroldBeth-022 HaroldBeth-024 HaroldBeth-025 HaroldBeth-026 HaroldBeth-027 HaroldBeth-028 HaroldBeth-029 HaroldBeth-032 HaroldBeth-033 HaroldBeth-034 HaroldBeth-036 HaroldBeth-037 HaroldBeth-038 HaroldBeth-092HaroldBeth-093 HaroldBeth-039HaroldBeth-146HaroldBeth-148HaroldBeth-149 Flowers HaroldBeth-042 HaroldBeth-095HaroldBeth-096HaroldBeth-114HaroldBeth-115HaroldBeth-156HaroldBeth-046 HaroldBeth-047 HaroldBeth-048 HaroldBeth-049
HaroldBeth-150 HaroldBeth-050 HaroldBeth-051 HaroldBeth-052 HaroldBeth-053 HaroldBeth-054 HaroldBeth-055 HaroldBeth-056HaroldBeth-151 HaroldBeth-057HaroldBeth-097 HaroldBeth-058 HaroldBeth-059 HaroldBeth-060 HaroldBeth-061 HaroldBeth-152HaroldBeth-153HaroldBeth-154HaroldBeth-063 HaroldBeth-158

ChairsHaroldBeth-155HaroldBeth-161 HaroldBeth-065 HaroldBeth-066 HaroldBeth-067 HaroldBeth-069 HaroldBeth-071 HaroldBeth-072

HaroldBeth-094 HaroldBeth-073 HaroldBeth-074 HaroldBeth-075HaroldBeth-160 HaroldBeth-076 HaroldBeth-077 HaroldBeth-079 HaroldBeth-081 HaroldBeth-099HaroldBeth-098 HaroldBeth-100 HaroldBeth-101 HaroldBeth-159
HaroldBeth-103 HaroldBeth-104 HaroldBeth-105 HaroldBeth-106 HaroldBeth-107 HaroldBeth-108 HaroldBeth-109 HaroldBeth-110 HaroldBeth-111 HaroldBeth-113HaroldBeth-116 HaroldBeth-117 HaroldBeth-162HaroldBeth-163HaroldBeth-118 HaroldBeth-119 HaroldBeth-120 HaroldBeth-121 HaroldBeth-122 HaroldBeth-123 HaroldBeth-124 HaroldBeth-125 HaroldBeth-126 HaroldBeth-127 HaroldBeth-128 HaroldBeth-129 HaroldBeth-130 HaroldBeth-131 HaroldBeth-132 HaroldBeth-133 HaroldBeth-134 HaroldBeth-135 HaroldBeth-136 HaroldBeth-137 HaroldBeth-138

HaroldBeth-082 HaroldBeth-084