The Having-Your-Photo-Taken Phobia

She looked in the mirror once more. Moving a piece of hair out of her face and debating if she should change her outfit entirely. She turned slightly in front of the mirror and thought to herself: I shouldn’t have skipped the workouts earlier in the week…maybe I should’ve had my hair highlighted…are these shoes ok?…yeah, I love the shoes…maybe it’s the outfit.

In the car she checked in the mirror again, another look over to ease her thoughts. She looked fine. He looked over at her, he could tell she was starting to fuss with herself.

“You look beautiful.”

The closer they got, the more she felt tiny butterflies in her stomach. She thought to herself “This is silly.” Oh, but she dreaded it so. There were at least 5 over things she could think of immediately that she’d rather be doing than having her photo taken.

She was a victim of The Having-Your-Photo-Taken Phobia.

I get it. I totally get it. I hate to have my photo taken too.

What do I do with my hands? Am I smiling too much that it looks like my eyes are squinting? What about my arms, how do those look? What’s my hair doing? I feel it frizzing. Are we done yet? Please say we’re done.

(This is me…trying to tame my hair and get a quick photo. It worked out well as you can see haha)


This is the thing though — I don’t want to take photos of statues or the perfectly posed.

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The best photographs are of the laughs, the genuine smiles because he said something funny, spontaneous bear hugs, the dancing in the street…the ones that show personality.

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Your photographs should be a reflection of you…in this very moment, at this very time, being someone other people could never be: you.

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Charlotte Family Photography

The Phobia doesn’t last long. It maybe a bit strong at first, but you look good so rock it 😀

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