Icicles & Blooms

Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC

Icicles and blooms. Crazy to believe the above images were taken just a couple of weeks apart. That’s how fast life can change.

I haven’t been behind the camera too much lately. Slow season, home hunting, dog mom probs (more on that later) and a very fast moving 2017. Anyone else think this year is already going by fast??

I did scoot in some photo editing and album designs:

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Charlotte Photographer

Charlotte Wedding Photography

A couple of weeks ago I started taking morning walks with Ivan before work. The main reason was to help chill him out while I was at work, but they’ve turned into something that helps me prepare for the day. Thirty or sixty degrees (because that’s what the weather has been like lately), we go on our walk. As cheesy as it may sound, on these walks is when I make the decision to make the best out of whatever comes that day. Sometimes I slip up throughout the day, but setting the day on the right foot is so important. It’s a determination.

“Woke up this morning
Feeling like the best version of me, so happy”
– J. Cole

February: I’m picking up that camera more!