iPhone 7: My Humble Photographer Opinion

It had been three years. Three years! This was the last time I bought a new phone.

You see, I live life dangerously. No cover, no case, my phone is full on nakey all the time. It had gotten to the point that the lens on my camera was scratched enough to make the photos not-so-sharp anymore. With over 8k images on my trusty iPhone 5s, it became an issue.

So, I upgraded!

Below are a few images I took with the iPhone 7. Most are not edited.


(Above pic was taken on a cloudy day with the shades closed.)

img_4763 fullsizerender img_4808 img_4807


I’m digging the low light & f1.8 lens upgrade. Makes life a little easier without having to bring my heavy DSLR EVERYWHERE.

The resolution isn’t super important to me as I use most of the photos I take on my phone digitally anyways. The file size of the images above averaged around 2MB at 3024 × 4032. So, yeah, you def. could print the images.

One thing I don’t particularly like, and maybe it’s all camera phones, is the color. The white balance seems to always be slightly off, either there’s too much contrast or the colors are too muted. I could also be spoiled though from my Nikon.

Probably still couldn’t shoot a wedding with it ( 😉 ), but it’s made capturing life on the fly easier (and sharper!) for me.