It’s been a minute


:::Raises hand:::

I’m here y’all. It’s just been a hot minute. I’m sure like most of you, maneuvering through 2020 has felt like we’re a ship at sea. Some days are calm with smooth sailing, other days we are in the eye of the storm.

I’m still the captain of my ship, sailing along, just not sure what the next week will be like.

I’ve dived into a full vegan, gluten free diet because I’m tired of my food intolerances. Decided to cover my hands and arms in flour and bake to quiet any anxiety.

I placed a “pause” on photography for almost all of spring until there was a better understanding of COVID-19 and the situation. I’ve had brides postpone their wedding for six months or more. Even though I have three coming up in the fall, I think of those brides often as it’s not an easy decision to make.

Instead of the traveling we planned this year, we opened books, started new TV series, dived into our “day jobs,” and well…I baked and cooked a lot. I’ve spent more time outside and tried to pick up meditation again. I made a new rule for myself that Sundays are my days off from everything. I make myself be lazy in the afternoon, usually in my hammock with a book. My soul needs it.

Last month seemed to be the hardest of this year as close friends of mine dealt (still dealing) with hard chapters. And it’s hard to sit here and not do anything…or take the pain away people are feeling. It’s hard to know what to do next for those that you love that just need time, that one precious thing we only have so much of. The only thing I do know is to try and be a friend I would want in those situations.

And here we are…left to move through the ever changing days, the weeks that are long or at times very short. The anxiety that comes in waves and can leave you frozen. It’s a world we haven’t been in before and it’s a challenge. If the very least you can do is just breathe, than do that, friend.