Seed Stories : Jason


Jason : Mountain State Overland

Occupation: Innovation and Project Management
Age: 36
Current City You Reside: Bedford County, VA
Favorite Quote: “Why does a dream have to end when you open your eyes?”

Ever get those ideas that come to mind…”Wouldn’t it be cool if…” “I’d like to…”

Jason had one of those ideas, and he did something about it.


The mission was pretty simple: see our region, promote responsible lifestyles, tell some great stories and have fun filming adventures. “We did it and built a portfolio to help take Mountain State Overland to the next level.”



Jason and his wife always live a way of conserving, recycling and sustainability. After building one of the most energy efficient homes in the area, he wanted to do more. So him and his friends began documenting and sharing their adventures of exploring the Appalachia.


“Growing up in the hills and on the back roads of the Appalachian Mountains, there wasn’t much to do besides enjoy your time outside; and the vehicles got me there. My trucks of choice have always been something capable of getting me anywhere I ever need to go, no matter what obstacles mother nature and my environment presented.”


“There’s always been a desire to go further and steer clear of the places that get a lot of attention. There’s truly a value in finding something amazing in your region that only few people know about. The majority of the time it takes a worthy 4×4 rig to get you to the trailhead under epic weather and road conditions.”


Starting Mountain State Overland has taught Jason to reach for things in life that may seem…unreachable.


“It’s taken a lot of work behind a camera and a computer, but it’s all part of making dreams come true. If I can encourage at least one person to live more responsibly and/or consider Appalachia for their next adventure; I’ve met my goal – that’s the dream and I’m gonna continue to ride the wave and make as much of an impact as I can until MSO hits the southernmost point of Appalachia.”


Jason’s advice for all of your “What if” ideas?
“Don’t over think it, just do it. If your budget is restricting you, do it cheap; if time is your enemy, stand up for the fight. There’s really no reason not try give something chance when you’re excited about. Once people see your passion shine through, great things will happen.

Oh – and be your biggest fan; you’ll need that extra support when times are tough.”


“What started as a fun idea has grown into a brand, business and an opportunity to share some positive vibes about the area we live in.”
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