Jonathan + Melissa : Charlotte Engagement Session

Can’t wait for these two to get married next year in my hometown! Below are a few of my favorites from Jonathan + Melissa’s engagement session around Charlotte:

JonathanMelissa-001 JonathanMelissa-002 JonathanMelissa-003 JonathanMelissa-005 JonathanMelissa-007 JonathanMelissa-009 JonathanMelissa-010 JonathanMelissa-011 JonathanMelissa-012 JonathanMelissa-013 JonathanMelissa-014 JonathanMelissa-015 JonathanMelissa-016 JonathanMelissa-017 JonathanMelissa-018 JonathanMelissa-020 JonathanMelissa-021 JonathanMelissa-024